Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Serendipity and stuff

Today's my 40th birthday. I have had one of the best days of my life! Thank you to everyone for all the kind wishes. I'm so full of life and love and joy that I had to log on to blog about it (I was wishing I kept a journal so I could write about this day when I remembered my blog).

So when I logged on to my blog I noticed I have had 39 posts. Crazy that this is my 40th, eh? Love that stuff.

I promised this photo to Beth a long time ago (it was taken March 15). She painted these awesome blocks for Oscar's Christmas present. We love them. They are beautiful--detailed critters that spell out OSCAR (and some other letters, too).

Oscar and his Christmas blocks from Beth (March 15)

Here's a rundown of my day:
  • Got up with Oscar at 6 a.m. and nursed and snuggled while listening to birds chirping outside his window
  • Got Adam up so I could go back to bed and "sleep in"
  • Woke up to coffee and donuts and a flower that Oscar picked for me:

  • Opened a beautiful card from Adam that included exactly what I wanted for my birthday: a gift certificate for a massage. Ahhhh.
  • Got a call from Beth that opened with the happy birthday song solo--had a great visit with her. Also opened a package she'd sent me that included hand-drawn (and some colored) birthday wishes from everyone in her family, a heartfelt card from her, some festive confetti and a book called The Church of Dog that looks really interesting.
  • Adam put Oscar down for a nap, then decided to take one himself. Those boys slept for two hours!
  • Talked to my Dad and opened a little gifty from him (I already knew what it was, but waited to open it), Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover.
  • Listened to voicemail previously left for me from Dad and Rebecca, a great rendition of the happy birthday song that makes me smile.
  • Got a call from Vicki that opened with the happy birthday song! I walked around in the sunshine while we visited and caught up and made plans to see a Salem Film Festival movie (The Linguists on Thursday).
  • Sat on the porch, enjoying the sunshine, reading my new book and eating chips, salsa, beans and sour cream. I couldn't believe what a great day I was having already and it was only like 11 a.m.!
  • The boys woke up and I danced around the living room with Oscar.
  • Got a call from Mom and opened the beautiful card she sent. Also opened the card from Aunt T.C. Had a great visit with the woman who brought me into this life!
  • Met the mailman at the door and he handed me a package from Amazon. It's a book from Auntie Barbara, Stuff White People Like. I only knew about the website!
  • Started getting ready to head to the tulip festival. Here are some pics from that:

Wow. I felt like I was drinking in the beauty of the tulips, the color, the sunshine. Okay, I'm changing the format here because there's still a lot and my birthday's almost over and I have to go to bed!

We came home, I got a call from Angela and opened an e-card from her, fed Oscar dinner, took a walk around the neighborhood and I put Oscar to bed. Adam made albondigas for dinner and he remembered that the Portland Trail Blazers' second playoff game was on TV tonight. Yea! And then my brother called and we had a good visit. The Blazers won the nailbiter of a game and Adam went to get Blizzards. And then Tanya called and we got to talk about turning 40 together! Our conversation reminded me of a quote she told me, "The days are long but the years are short."

There were a lot of great moments today. Thank you, all.