Friday, September 11, 2009

Oscar and Ulysses

Oscar and Ulysses met in July 2008 at Parents Infants Plus, a parenting group run by Silverton Together. Here are some shots of them taken at one of our last classes, just about a year ago.

We eventually figured out that Ulysses and his parents Kat and Eli live right around the corner from us. Yea! Since then, the boys have gotten to know each other a little better.

Ulysses and his mom Kat

Eli, Kat & Ulysses at Willamette's Cherry Blossom Festival

To be continued...

Fridge toy

Oscar likes his magnetic and musical barnyard animal toy. He has a hard time deciding which tune to play sometimes...and then there's that annoying towel...

Learning to feed oneself

Who knew feeding oneself could be such an adventure?

Oscar's starting to use a spoon:

drink from a cup (no pics yet--I still need both hands when he's attempting this one) and eat from a bowl that's not suction-cupped to his high chair tray:

The end result is a happy boy!


A week or so ago, Oscar was helping Adam make my lunch in the morning before work. I was on the phone, but we were all in the kitchen. Suddenly Adam stops what he's doing and crouches down to help Oscar with something. I can't tell what's going on, but I can tell something's wrong. Oscar's been vigorously rubbing his nose and face and I can see red on one of his fingers, so I figure he has a bloody nose. I get off the phone at the same time Adam realizes that Oscar swiped the dollop of Sriracha, or rooster sauce, off the top of the bottle while the fridge was open, and he popped it in his mouth! Ouch! We got him some milk and gave him some frozen blueberries to try to wash the taste--and burn--away. It wasn't pleasant, though, poor baby.

I don't think he's been back in the fridge since then, though...

Note: the photo I included is one of Oscar sort of fake crying--I didn't run to the get the camera when he was suffering from hot sauce ingestion!