Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Oscar has many, many new words, both verbal and signs.

He also tells us stories, talks on whatever he's using as a phone and asks questions (we can tell by the way his voice goes up at the end of the babble).

He is obsessed with a mole on the bottom of his left foot and will show & tell anyone who's interested, "mole!" as he pulls off his shoe and sock and grips his little foot as close to his eyes as possible to make sure the mole's still there.

Another of my favorites is when he says "home." He really draws out the o-m sound.

The other day, he was making fake crying sounds and hugging George, his stuffed monkey, and patting him consolingly. I got a little teary seeing my son's compassion for his distraught friend.

One of the fun babbles Oscar does is...well, I can't figure out how to spell it on here. In any event, I managed to capture it on video tonight, so thought I'd share.


Aaron said...

Ha ha. I love it. Part of Oscar's babbling reminded me of one of my favorite Muppet Show sketches:


Melissa said...

Aaron, that's it exactly. I couldn't figure out how to spell "menomena."

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he Love Ma Love Ma Love MaMa~ Arda