Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oscar, age 2

If you ask Oscar how old he is, he will tell you "Two."
If you ask Oscar how he's doing, he will say "Uh good," with his inflection rising.
If you ask Oscar what he ate or would like to eat, his answer is "Meat."
Oscar likes to watch "Car? Eye?" and "Truck? Eye?" videos on YouTube. That's how he refers to Pixar's "Cars" because all the cars and trucks have eyes.
On the street, he will identify Jeeps, trucks, cars, rigs (SUVs) and Neenee (Mercedes Benz, like his Naunie drives).
He has started to string a couple words together like "Mama work" and "Dada home." Tonight we think he uttered his longest sentence: "I don't want to." (when asked whether he wanted to put away his toothbrush and toothpaste)
Today he marched through the kitchen and into the bathroom and shut the door. Adam checked on him. He was using Mr. Potato Head's nose to "unlock" the door and told Adam "key."
"Key" is also what he says for cookie, Monkey and cat. Context is very important when trying to understand toddler speak.

Lately when we go for a walk, Oscar's often walking instead of riding in the stroller. Here's a nice family walk we took last week.

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