Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good bye, DQ Blizzards

And probably good riddance. Last week, we saw Oscar's pediatrician because we'd noticed a tiny bit of blood in his stool. The pediatrician suspects that it's a reaction to the milk protein in my diet. Apparently it's common for infants to be unable to digest dairy until they're 6 months old or so. It's not an indication of a later milk allergy for Oscar, thank goodness.

So it means I'm off dairy for the next several months. So far, it's OK. The downside: all the frozen meals we stocked up on for the postpartum period have cheese or cream sauces; I haven't been able to find soy ice cream yet (thanks to Angela for recommending some good brands, though!); cheese substitutes suck; my DQ Blizzard Fan Club coupon expired. The upside: we have our CSA (community supported agriculture) fruits and veggies, giving us lots of healthy meal options; Adam is a very willing and capable chef who feeds me well sans dairy; I'm not getting all the bad parts of the dairy I usually eat (cholesterol, fats and stuff).

It can take up to two weeks for the blood to disappear from the diapers, but so far, so good. Oscar's two-month check up is on July 2, so we'll know more then.

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Abby said...

Have you tried Toffuti Cuties? They are like little ice cream sandwiches, but are soy. So yummy and when Oscar's bigger, he'll love 'em too! You can find them at LifeSource or in the organic freezer section at Freddy's.