Friday, June 27, 2008

Labor tunes

I'm listening to some of the songs on the "Labor tunes" play list Adam and I started in iTunes when I was just a couple months pregnant. We didn't listen to any of it during my labor, so I thought it'd be cool to listen to it tonight as I try to calm Oscar in the Moby and fold laundry in the semi-dark of his room (the crib currently serves as the clean laundry depository). It worked! Oscar's sleeping soundly, the laundry's folded and here I am blogging.

Here are the songs I'm listening to, over and over, tonight:

"We're Going to be Friends" by The White Stripes
"Hearts and Bones" by Paul Simon
"2000 Miles" by The Pretenders
"Alright for Now" by Tom Petty
"Blow Away" by George Harrison
"You Are My Sunshine (Pt. 1) by Elizabeth Mitchell
"Froggy Went a Courtin" by Elizabeth Mitchell

I'll leave you with some lyrics from "Blow Away:"
All I got to do is to love you
All I got to be is, be happy
All it's got to take is some warmth to make it
Blow away, blow away, blow away.

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