Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy to be home

We had a fantastic road trip last week: we drove from Salem to La Grande on the 7th and stayed with my dad and Rebecca; drove to Nampa, ID, on the 8th and stayed with my brother and his family for two nights; returned to La Grande on the 10th and stayed with my mom and returned to Salem on the 11th. Whew! Our hosts were wonderful and we saw too little of all of them.

Grampa and Oscar
Justin and Oscar
Gramma and Oscar
The purpose of the trip was to attend Adam's 20th class reunion for Centennial High School. It was fun to see Adam's best childhood friend Aaron, along with his wife, Deb, and to meet the folks who used to live in his neighborhood when he was a kid. It was also great to see Mrs. Billingsley and Deb and Aaron's kids. Back in La Grande, we had a lovely visit with Beth, Kevin, Tess and Colm.

Aaron, Elizabeth, Adam and Oscar

Beth and Oscar
After staying in three places over four nights (setting up good middle-of-the-night spots to nurse and change diapers was interesting!) and an 8-hour trip home on Monday, we were so glad to be home. I'd wisely taken Tuesday as a vacation day, so the three of us just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Here's a video of just how happy Oscar was to be home:


Sean Sweeney said...

What fun! Thanks for posting a video, so cool. Heard you checked out Double J Drive thru in Pendleton.

Abby said...

Man, oh man, Melissa! You guys did good...he is so adorable! And what an absolutely infectious laugh. We used to call our own voice mail when the kids were being cute and still have them saved to listen to every now and again.

nicoleeo said...

Great video it made me laugh. I miss you guys. Glad things are going well :)

Janice M. said...

Melissa, he's so adorable! Congratulations!