Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun and full weekend

Just a quick update...Saturday, Oscar and I attended Kate's baby shower, along with a lot other mamas and babies and kids. Kate looks fantastic! It was fun to meet some of her family and other friends and to shower her with gifts and wishes for her little one.

We buzzed home from the shower to pick up Adam and head to the wedding shower for Murray and Pedi. We got there shortly before they had to leave, unfortunately, but we were there long enough to appreciate how happy they both are. They make a great couple.

This morning we headed to brunch in Portland with Devon. Devon has this great ability to bring people together. This morning, he invited another couple to join us with their 5-month old daughter. They're new to Portland and are interested in meeting new people, particularly those with kids. Leslie, Rob and Stella are great! We ended up spending almost three hours hanging out together at Biscuits for breakfast and Cosmic Monkey. Welcome to Oregon, new fine family!

Adam and Oscar pose with Devon and Stella

Rob, Stella, Leslie, me, Adam and Oscar in Cosmic Monkey

We were hoping to see Adam's brother's family while in Portland, but the girls were sick. I hope they're feeling better now and that the rest of the family escaped the illness and that we get to see them all soon!

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