Friday, July 4, 2008

2-month checkup

Oscar's two-month checkup was Wednesday and he's doing great. He weighed in at 12 lbs. 11 oz. (54th percentile); his length is 23.5 inches (51st percentile) and his head measures 41 cm/16.2" (56th percentile).

We're going to submit a stool sample next week because there is still a little bit of blood in his stool despite my dairy-free diet. His pediatrician isn't concerned because he's so healthy and happy otherwise, but she wants to make sure there's not anything else unusual going on.

We're foregoing his immunizations for now and will likely stick to an alternative vaccine schedule suggested by the pediatrician. We made the decision after discussing the issue with friends, coworkers, nurses, Oscar's pediatrician and lactation consultants. The main factors in our decision are that Oscar's exclusively breastfed and therefor has a more robust immune system than formula-fed babies and that he won't be exposed to many other kids because he's not in daycare, church, etc.


Delaney said...

Hey Honey - you will get lots of advice from well meaning people. What do you do - follow your heart! Much love to you!

adam jk gallardo said...

Just one more reason to keep the kid away from church...