Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boozin' and snoozin'

Oscar's been hitting the bottle pretty hard this week. Here are a couple milestones: He took more than 1 oz. of milk from me (while stuck in I-205 traffic for 2.5 hours on July 3). Yea! Prior to this, Adam's always given him the bottle and I've left the house/area so Oscar couldn't sense me and reject the bottle in favor of the real thing. Because of some bank robber/high speed chase/police activity on the freeway, we were forced to consider other options while Adam was stuck behind the wheel and I was in the back seat trying to comfort Oscar in his car seat. On Saturday, Oscar took 3 oz. in one feeding from Adam. Yea! Prior to this, he'd only take an ounce or two and then play with the nipple and spit out mouthfuls of milk. Good job, boys!

Oscar's also been hitting the hay pretty hard this week. Friday and Saturday nights, he got up only once to eat! I can't remember the last time I slept more than 3.5 hours in a row. It was fantastic. I can't believe it happened two nights in a row. Last night, Adam and I were so thrilled with our well-rested selves, we watched half a movie (“The Usual Suspects”) before turning in for the night. We're not disillusioned, however. We realize it's probably not a pattern, just a pleasant surprise, and we're taking it for what it is.

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